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ACC pays out $1b less to women and is more likely to reject their claims

Tuesday, October 16 2018 - Tom Pullar-Strecker, Stuff
The Accident Compensation Corporation is paying out much more to men than to women. Huge disparities in the number of claims for sports and work-related injuries and motor vehicle accidents meant only about 37 per cent of the payouts made by ACC went to women last year, with 63 per cent going to men. But women are also more likely to have many types of claim turned down.

The ‘no fault’ fallacy: Looking back at our 18 months of ACC hell

Saturday, September 29 2018 - Andrew Dickson, The Spinoff
Eight years ago a birth accident resulted in Andrew Dickson’s son being diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Today Dickson’s battle with ACC lays bare the myth at the centre of our ‘no fault’ compensation system.

ACC should cover sickness and disability, says Sir Geoffrey Palmer

Monday, September 10 2018 - Tom Pullar-Strecker, Stuff
The Accident Compensation Corporation should cover people incapacitated by sickness and disability – and not just accidents – former prime minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer QC says. In a speech to Victoria University in Wellington, Palmer said drawing a line between injuries and other medical issues could be difficult and unfair. A "single unified system" would end unjust discrimination, he said.

Fellowship winner rethinks disability support system

Friday, August 3 2018 - Lynda Hagen, LawTalk
The excellent work of recent IRF recipients suggests they will continue the established trend. Last year’s winner, Warren Forster, has taken on nothing less than a fundamental “world first” conceptual rethink of how we organise and fund health and disability services. His early ideas are attracting considerable interest from policy-makers, and offer the prospect of improved access to quality care for many who struggle to navigate the system.

ACC researcher says Complex Regional Pain Syndrome sufferers caught in red tape

Sunday, July 22 2018 - Brad Flahive, Stuff
An ACC expert says Kiwis suffering Complex Regional Pain Syndrome are slipping through the cracks of bureaucratic red tape. Dunedin barrister and researcher Warren Forster says ACC is letting down patients with the syndrome, said to be the world's most painful. Forster says ACC case managers saw CRPS sufferers as "easy targets" to decline cover to because of differences in opinion from assessing doctors over how the syndrome occurs.

Review prompted by Ruby Knox murder blasts NZ's disability care

Wednesday, July 18 2018 - Jennifer Eder and Skara Bohny, Stuff
A review of New Zealand's disability services prompted by a mother murdering her autistic daughter has found no failings by individual staff, but warns "there will be more Rubys" unless services improve. The independent review of services used by Donella Knox and her daughter Ruby has identified a series of systemic service issues contributing to Ruby's death two years ago.

ACC denial focus highlights need for fundamental change

Friday, February 2 2018 - Lynda Hagen, LawTalk
In 2005 Dunedin lawyer Warren Forster took on the ACC on behalf of his mother, who was declined compensation despite suffering a serious back injury. The experience was career-changing – he became a leading advocate for claimants turned down by ACC, and a key influencer of current reforms to the ACC appeals process. Now, he was recently awarded the Law Foundation’s 2017 International Research Fellowship Te Karahipi Rangahau ā Taiao and is researching new approaches to disability assistance that would remove the causal discrimination underlying the ACC system.

ACC discriminates against people with disabilities and should be replaced, says barrister

Monday, December 11 2017 - Cate Broughton, Stuff
A champion for the rights of ACC claimants who've been refused cover has been awarded the country's highest legal research award.

Dunedin lawyer aims for ACC shake-up in fellowship study

Sunday, December 10 2017 - Belinda Feek, NZ Herald
He's represented hundreds of embattled Kiwis in their fight against ACC, now Dunedin barrister Warren Forster is gunning the organisation itself. But it's not about trying to take down the multi-billion dollar Government organisation, rather finding a way so that more New Zealanders can benefit from the scheme.

ACC: An unequal playing field?

Wednesday, December 6 2017 - Cate Broughton, Stuff
Before the election Labour said ACC was "mean-minded" and promised to make it fairer and more transparent for claimants. But will they deliver for thousands of claimants denied cover? CATE BROUGHTON reports.
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