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Find out more about Warren's work

Warren researches, leads and innvoates. He has 15 years of experience in personal injury, disability and dispute resolution in New Zealand. These days his focus is on leading, operationalising and supporting systemic approaches to helping people to transform their experiences in the disability sector and dispute resolution sector. He likes to work with people who are passionate about access to justice and are up for the challenge of doing things differently.

Warren's titles include "barrister", "researcher" and "director" but his best known as a leader and innovator.

From 2009 to 2021 he was the director of Forster & Associates Limited which helped injured people by providing legal assistance and worked toward policy and legal solutions to big questions involving access to justice, the ACC system and the disability system.

Warren spent several years as an advocate specialising in the ACC system before becoming a barrister. During that time he led teams undertaking research into the ACC system, access to justice, digital transformation, accessibility and the disability system.

Warren now works with the new ACC Advocacy Service to help people to transform the way they experience disputes. He also works with the Know Co which is a specialist consultancy service that helps organisations design systems to work more effectively for people.