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Get Involved

What can I do to help?
The idea of ACC has dominated our personal injury thinking for around 50 years. When a big problem arises we have a Royal Commission or another Inquiry or Review that addresses that particular problem. Do you think we need a coordinated response between all of the parts of our personal injury system?

Think about the big questions

Do you wish there was somebody you could contact about issues with our Personal Injury System that are bigger than your own case?

Addressing the problems with New Zealand's personal injury system requires everyone to get involved. The people in government will only fix problems that come to their attention. 

If you want to get involved, you can talk to people about the personal injury system. Think about the impact of injury on you, your family and your community. Think about whether the system is working for you.

Share your thoughts 

You can contact the Minister for ACC directly to let them know what you think about the Personal Injury System and the need for a Personal Injury Commissioner.

You can also contact your Member of Parliament and ask them to write the Minister for ACC about the need for a Personal Injury Commissioner. You can find your Member of Parliament here.

Different political parties also have spokespersons for ACC who may be able to help by contacting the Ministers or by asking questions of the Ministers. The political parties currently in Parliament are National, Labour, New Zealand First, Greens and ACT

Join our mailing list 

Help us by engaging with our research and discussion papers. You can join our mailing list for people interested in the Personal Injury System and we will let you know when the discussion paper on the Personal Injury System becomes available.