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Self Help

Try to get what you need yourself
If you have a minor injury (or a more serious injury that will quickly heal) you can often get what you need from ACC directly or with the help of your treatment provider. Here we explain the basics of what you can do yourself, up to the stage of requesting your personal information from ACC.

Lodging a claim

ACC needs to know that you’re injured and need help. The best way to do this is to visit a treatment provider and explain what happened. Your treatment provider (or the hospital where you are treated) will help make sure that ACC is properly advised about what happened and what injuries you've suffered.

If you have any questions about this process, make sure that you contact ACC straight away. Keep a record of what you say to ACC and what ACC asks you to do. ACC may approve your claim automatically or ACC might investigate. You can read more about the various agencies who investigate injuries here.

Getting help from ACC

If you have any concerns, the best thing to do is contact ACC directly. Keep records of your interactions with ACC.

Problems with ACC can arise at any time including:

  1. when you get injured,
  2. during the claim lodgement process,
  3. during the investigation process,
  4. after ACC makes its "cover" decision,
  5. while you are receiving help from ACC, and
  6. once ACC decides to stop helping you.

There are different ways to solve problems depending on which stage of the process you have reached. Sometimes multiple problems arise at once. 

Contact the ACC person who has been helping you

Try to contact the person at ACC who you’ve been dealing with. If they are not available, then contact the ACC claims line on 0800101996. You can also email [email protected]. For more information visit ACC’s website.

It's important that you try this first because the person you have been dealing with can often get things back on track really quickly. We do recommend you keep records of this process. 

Contacting someone else at ACC to get the problem solved

Sometimes, a problem can't be solved just by contacting the person you've been dealing with at ACC. Don't be surprised if this doesn't work. We know the impact on you can be significant, but it's important that you try not to take it personally. This will not help resolve any issues.

ACC has some information on their website about how to sort out problems.

You can make a complaint to ACC by phone: 0800 650 222 or by email to [email protected]

Going outside ACC

If contacting ACC doesn't resolve the problem, then you will need to go outside of ACC for help. 

Requesting your personal information from ACC

Something you can do straight away is request your personal information from ACC. To do this, you can complete the online ACC form "requesting personal information".

If you do this step yourself now, it will make it quicker for other people to help you in future, because it will allow whoever is helping you to quickly work out exactly what ACC says that they have done. Reviewing the file is just as important as hearing your own impression of what has happened.

What can we do?

We hope to be able to help individuals with their cases by mid-2019, but we cannot do that now. We'll let you know when we can do that and will share further information about what we can do

Other assistance?

There are different options available to you here. We have made an overview of about some organisations that can provide other assistance

Looking at how you got injured

When ACC is managing your claim, they are focused on your injury and your recovery. ACC can't usually help investigate why you got injured. 

If you feel that someone else is responsible for you getting injured or you think something needs to be done about the way you got injured then you will need to learn more about the personal injury system and who investigates injuries. ACC doesn't usually help with this.